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Wealdstone winger Allarakhia makes historic AFCON appearance

Tanzania winger Tarryn Allarakhia has become the first Wealdstone FC footballer to play at an Africa Cup of Nations after starting against 2022 World Cup semi-finalists Morocco.

Allarakhia, who has mixed Indian and East African heritage, is also the first British South Asian to play at a Cup of Nations in the modern era.

Sky Sports News is awaiting a response from the African Football Federation (CAF) to see if another British South Asian has played at the tournament in its 67-year history.

England's Football Association was also contacted, but they do not have any records of a British South Asian playing at an Africa Cup of Nations.

Allarakhia hails from Redbridge in east London, which is home to more British South Asians than any other borough in London.

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