Emmanuel Petit urges EPL star to reject Arsenal move


Former Arsenal ace, Emmanuel Petit, has urged Premier League star Douglas Luiz to reject a move to Arsenal in the January transfer window.

Petit believes it would be a big risk for Luiz to leave his current club Aston Villa for Arsenal in the middle of the season, adding that the midfielder need to be very careful.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is looking to sign a new central midfielder in the upcoming window, and Luiz is one of the Gunners’ top targets.

“£100m is a lot of money, I really like Douglas Luiz but is he worth £100m? It is crazy money,” Petit told Compare bet.

“I’m not sure it is a good idea for Arsenal to go straight on the market and buy Luiz for that much.

“I think he is injured too much and the way that Aston Villa are playing, he probably doesn’t want to leave.

“If I was Douglas Luiz I’d be very excited to have an offer from Arsenal, but I’d think straight away, I’d look at my current teammates and say, “we are second place in the table and only one point off Arsenal. What happens if we do something very special”.

“We can imagine Aston Villa playing in the Champions League now. When you leave in the middle of a season, you have to be very careful.

“When you are playing at the best level with your current club, it is a very big risk to change and go to another club. I can understand it is very exciting to join Arsenal, but the timing, I don’t think it is good for him.”