Paul parker Hit out at Man Utd forward


Former Manchester United star Paul Parker has hit out at Marcus Rashford amid the forward’s slow start to the season.

Parker said that Rashford brings nothing to the team, adding that the England international is erratic and was never a good player.

According to him, the 26-year-old has failed to reward Man United after the club rewarded him with a huge contract a few months ago.

Rashford is currently going through his worst start to a campaign since his breakthrough at Manchester United.

He has made 14 appearances for Erik ten Hag’s side in all competitions so far but only has one goal to his name.

“Marcus Rashford doesn’t bring anything to the team and I said the same thing last year when he scored all these goals between November and April. He was never a good player; he was a goalscorer,” Parker said via Express.

According to him: “People were calling me a traitor; they were calling me bitter but this is not about bitterness. After that period, with all these goals scored, people went mad with telling the club they should give him a new contract and tie him to the club.

“Man United rushed to give him loads of money and now they are not being rewarded for what they invested in him. In any industry, you should be rewarded for consistency but he was rewarded after a few months and since then, it has just been erratic.”