Messi hits out at insulting gesture from Uruguay players after Argentina’s defeat


Argentina captain Lionel Messi has hit out at an insulting gesture from Uruguay players as his team lost 2-0 in the fifth round of the South American qualifier for the 2026 World Cup tie in the earlier hours of today.

Messi openly criticized the disrespectful actions exhibited by Uruguayan players during the encounter at La Bombonera.

The match witnessed several altercations, ending in a particularly contentious incident involving Uruguay’s Manuel Ugarte and Argentina’s Rodrigo De Paul.

Ugarte was also seen making an obscene gesture towards De Paul during the altercation

Speaking during his post-match interview, Messi said (via Albiceleste Talk), “I prefer not to say what I think about some gestures. But these young people have to learn to respect their elders.

“This game was always intense and hard but always with a lot of respect. They have to learn a little bit.”