Megan Rapinoe says her injury in championship game proves there is no God

US women's soccer star, Megan Rapinoe has claimed that there is no God after she sustained a 'devastating' injury in her last ever game and had to leave the pitch just after three minutes in. 


Last night, U.S. Soccer legend Megan Rapinoe, 38, said she was 'pretty sure' she tore her Achilles tendon in the final match of her long career: the NWSL Final.


'I'm not a religious person or anything and if there was a God, this is proof that there isn't. This is f***ed up,' Rapinoe said in her post-game interview. 


Rapinoe's OL Reign squad fell 2-1 to Gotham FC on Saturday night - losing the title after she was taken off after an injury just before the third minute.


'For sure, I tore my Achilles,' Rapinoe said in her post-match press conference. She said she felt a 'huge pop' in what she's calling 'the worst possible outcome'.


The 38-year-old described her early exit in the final as 'devastating' - especially because it was the final match of her career. 


In her typical style, Rapinoe injected some dark humor and some self-deprecation into the situation.


'I wasn't overly emotional about it,' Rapinoe said. 'I mean, f***ing yeeted my Achilles in the sixth minute in my last game ever in the literal championship game.'


Rapinoe kept the jokes coming: 'I guess I just rode until the wheels came right off!,' Rapinoe joked, adding, 'Now I'm just a NARP, a normal-ass regular person, having to do rehab which is f***ing devastating.'


Rapinoe added, 'You gotta find the silver lining and the dark humor, and that's just who I am as well.'


Rapinoe is now a retired player. In 2012, Rapinoe came out as a lesbian, drawing vitriol from anti-LGBT critics.