Man.United defender, Harry Maguire accepts apology from Ghanaian politician

Manchester United defender, Harry Maguire has accepted the apology of a Ghanaian MP after he apologised for publicly mocking him last year. 


In 2022, Isaac Adongo  criticised the VP for the country’s poor economic performance. He also compared the VP's economic management to Maguire's poor performances on the pitch for Manchester United.


Adongo had mocked former United captain Maguire and labelled him 'the biggest threat at the centre of the Manchester United defence.'


On Tuesday, Adongo publicly apologised to the England international for the comments he made last year, hailing Maguire a 'transformational footballer' for overcoming his struggles of last season. 


He also launched another attack on the Vice-President , adding, "As for our Maguire, he is now at the IMF (International Monetary Fund) with a cup in hand."


Adongo said, “Mr. Speaker, I now apologise to Harry Maguire. Today, Harry Maguire has turned the corner and he is a transformational footballer.


“[Harry Maguire] is now a key player for Manchester but as for our Maguire [Mr Bawumia] he is now roaming at the IMF with a cup in hand,” the MP added.


Replying to a video of the apology on social media, the United defender wrote: "MP Issac Adongo apology accepted . See you at Old Trafford soon," followed by emojis of a handshake and a smiley face.

Man.United defender,  Harry Maguire accepts apology from Ghanaian politician who mocked and compared him to the country

Bawumia is the head of the Ghanaian government's economic management team as they face their most severe economic crisis in years. The country took a $3bn (£2.4bn) loan from the IMF, and last year inflation in Ghana reached a record 54% but has since fallen to around 35%.