Liverpool Write to Luton demanding answers over Tragedy Chanting

Liverpool have written a letter to Luton Town asking what they are going to do about the tragedy chanting from their supporters on Sunday.

Luton fans were condemned by the Football Association and Jamie Carragher on Super Sunday for chanting about the Hillsborough disaster during the 1-1 draw at Kenilworth Road.

Liverpool are understood to have since asked Luton for answers over whether they followed new Premier League guidance over tragedy chanting, which includes in-stadia action on the perpetrators and warnings over the tannoy, and what they are going to do about it next.

The Premier League announced stringent new measures on tragedy chanting ahead of the season along with the Crown Prosecution Service, with fans now facing the prospect of criminal prosecution as well as lifetime bans from stadia.

Liverpool have worked closely with supporters' groups from Manchester City and Manchester United in recent seasons to educate them on the Hillsborough tragedy and the hurt caused by such chanting, and they are also understood to have offered the same guidance to Luton and the club's supporters in the letter.