Lascelles: So glad we beat Arsenal after Handshake Snub

Jamaal Lascelles hit out at Arsenal's sportsmanship and said he was "so glad" to beat the Gunners after Jorginho snubbed a post-match handshake with the Newcastle captain. 

Newcastle captain Lascelles was left in an equally bad mood in the aftermath of the game, having attempted to shake the hand of opposition skipper Jorginho. The Magpies captain told reporters he was ignored by the Italian and criticised Arsenal's reaction to their first league loss since May.

"I'm just so glad that we beat them," he was quoted in the Daily Mirror. "Their captain Jorginho didn't want to shake my hand after the game,

"I was fuming, it's not on.‌ I would never refuse to shake an opposition captain's hand, no way. You can have as many arguments as you want on the pitch but shake hands at the end, it's part of the sport.

‌"For me, whatever happens on the pitch - handbags or whatever - you show sportsmanship and shake hands afterwards. He didn't do that, so I'm so glad we beat them. Players like that, I don't think it's acceptable