Jorginho speaks on leaving Arsenal


Arsenal midfielder Jorginho has ruled out any possibility of leaving the club before his contract expires in 2024.

Jorginho insisted that he is happy at Arsenal, adding that manager Mikel Arteta gives a billion pieces of information.

The Italy international also said he intended to return to his country to play in the Serie A at some point before his career ends.

“I’m very much in doubt, I would like to return [to Italy] but I don’t know when the right time would be,” Jorginho said while on international duty ahead of the Azzurri’s European Championship qualifier against North Macedonia on Friday.

“I want to return yes, but I don’t know when, I feel I still have things to do at Arsenal. It always takes time when you change teams, but the first six months at Arsenal were not negative, on the contrary.”

He added, “Obviously, it takes time to understand the mechanisms better. Arteta gives you a billion pieces of information but I am very happy there.

“I have grown a lot on the pitch, in experience. I changed teams, coaches, therefore more information. I understood the game even more and how to compete.”

Jorginho joined Arsenal from Chelsea in January this year.