Henri Lansbury Reveals he Overcame Testicular Cancer when at Nottingham Forest

Retired footballer Henri Lansbury says he overcame testicular cancer when he was at Nottingham Forest in 2016.

Lansbury joined Forest from Arsenal in 2012 before leaving when he was signed by Aston Villa in 2017.

I was just in the shower after training one day," Lansbury told Sky Sports.

"I was having a feel and washing myself, and I felt a lump. It was a little pea-sized lump and, just over time, I thought it would go away."

He added: "A couple of months passed and it was still there. We broke up for the summer, about to go on holiday, but it was eating me away for a few months having it and not telling anyone and just trying to deal with it myself. 

"It got to the point where I thought I had to see someone and someone to help me out.

"First of all, I just went down to the local hospital to see if I could get it checked out. They said the lead time is a few weeks, and, going on holiday, I didn't want to go away with it.

"So then I had to phone the club and ask for help. They put me in contact with someone to go and get it checked out. I had a scan there, and he said 'all right, we'll give you your results back in a bit'.

"As I've left to get in my car, the doctor from Nottingham Forest has called me to say 'can you go and pack a bag, you're going back in for the operation tonight'. I was a bit like 'this is a bit fast' but I was glad to get it out."

Lansbury had loan spells at Scunthorpe, Watford, Norwich City and West Ham while at Arsenal before joining Forest.

He moved from the City Ground to Villa and then had spells at Bristol City and Luton Town.

Lansbury left the Hatters in the summer following their promotion to the Premier League and announced his retirement in August.