Footballer Megan Rapinoe branded a Narcissist

American footballer, Megan Rapinoe has been branded a narcissist by SportsCenter presenter Sage Steele for claiming her Achilles injury in her last ever career game is proof God doesn't exist.

Rapinoe, 38, went off injured after only six minutes of the OL Reign game on Saturday, falling to the ground after her Achilles went.

'I’m not a religious person or anything and if there was a god, like, this is proof that there isn’t,' Rapinoe said. "This is f***ed up. It’s just f***ed up. Six minutes in and I eat my Achilles.'

Steele, formerly of ESPN, saw the clip circulating on X and made her feelings perfectly clear.

'Narcissism at its finest,' Steele simply wrote in response to the video.

The 50-year-old Steele is open about her faith and in her bio on X, says that she is a 'believer'.

She bows out of soccer as a two-time World Cup winner with the USA, scoring 63 goals in 203 games for her country. 

She also has an estimated wealth of $6.3m, according to a Forbes profile ahead of this year's World Cup.

Speaking after Saturday's game, Rapinoe could at least be forgiven for cursing her luck at her injury.  

'The worst possible outcome,' she said. 'I just thank god I have like a f***ing deep well of sense of humour. But just obviously devastating to go out in the final so early.

'That's life, it's part of the game. I was feeling really good before the game, wasn't feeling tight or wasn't having calf issues or anything. You don't always get to have the perfect ending.

'I feel so lucky and so grateful to have played as long as I've played and to have played with the incredible players that I've played (with).

'Every sort of new cycle that I've come with, I've gotten close to certain players and built relationships and played with some of the very best players in the world.

'I'm looking forward to retirement. I'm retiring on the field, but you'll definitely be seeing a lot of me off of it.'