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Francis Ngannou reveals what he said to Tyson Fury in their crossover fight in Saudi Arabia


Francis Ngannou has revealed what he told Tyson Fury when he sent him to the canvas during their huge crossover boxing match in Saudi Arabia over the weekend. 

The former UFC heavyweight champion took on the WBC heavyweight king, and shocked the world by knocking Ngannou in the third round with a left hook

Fury got back up and went on to win a controversial split decision.

Ngannou has now admitted that he could not resist aiming a dig at Fury as he was sat down after remembering what had been said to him just moments before the fight started. 

'When we touched gloves, he was like "let me take you to school". I'm like "you motherf*****, you're not taking me to school!"' Ngannou explained on his YouTube channel. 

'That's why when I knocked him down I was dancing in front (of him) like "you're a bad professor, motherf*****! You're a bad professor. How is that school going? Who is taking who to school?" Because for me, it looks like I'm the one taking you to school.'

When Ngannou knocked Fury down, it looked like one of the biggest shocks in boxing history was firmly on the cards.

Ngannou also believes he should have been declared the winner, and wants the judges to be punished as he feels he was never given a fair chance due to being a newcomer to the sport taking on an established champions 

'I'm confident that I won that fight. I wasn't surprised for what happened,' he added.

'I'm alone in this game. I just came from another sport and there's a structure, a solid business and then you just come to rob that. Imagine if I'd have walked out of there with that belt or with him being defeated for the first time

'I knew it wasn't going to happen. I think it's a shame for boxing, though, and those judges they should be sanctioned. I want to understand why those judges judge like that, because for me, to be honest, I don't care that much about that decision, but I think those kind of decisions mess up a lot of people's careers.'

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