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Hermoso offered 'emotional support' after returning to Mexican club

Jenni Hermoso has returned to Mexico to resume playing with her club team, which has pledged to help her find "normality" after the Spaniard was kissed without consent by the president of the Spanish FA after the Women's World Cup final. 

Hermoso, who plays for Pachuca in the Mexican league, arrived at dawn in Mexico City from Madrid and continued to Pachuca about 90 kilometres to the southwest, to re-join her club side. She has not made face-to-face statements to the media since the final and will maintain that position in Mexico, at least for now.

"For the moment, our player will not appear before the media, as she will be 100 per cent focused on resuming her activities and returning to normality in her day-to-day life," the club said in a statement. "We appreciate your understanding and respect for her privacy."

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