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Former NFL player Sergio Brown missing as his 73-year-old mum is found murdered

Former NFL star Sergio Brown has been reported missing after his mother was found murdered near a stream behind her home.

 Relatives of the former football star, 35, told authorities in Illinois that they couldn't reach either him or his 73-year-old mother, Myrtle Brown, on Saturday, September 16.

A search for the mother and son began and Myrtle Brown was found dead near a creek behind her home according to authorities in a death that has since been ruled a homicide. 

The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office made the decision on Sunday, September 17, as officials said she reportedly died from multiple injuries consistent with an assault.

Sheila Simmons, the fatal victim’s sister, told WGN-TV she last spoke to Brown on Thursday, September 14, and was told on Saturday morning her sister and nephew were missing.

"We’re going to find out what happened because it’s not normal for my sister to not answer her phone, not to respond to text messages," she told authorities.

"People have been reaching out to her since Friday. No one was able to reach her, now, I got the call this morning saying that she’s missing, so immediately I came out here and find out my sister is dead."

Sergio's brother, Nick Brown, took to Facebook to beg the ex-NFL star to return home. 

He wrote: "I want him to know that I love you and please come home."

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