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Spain Women squad: We won't play until Rubiales has been removed

 Luis Rubiales insists he will not step down after he grabbed player Jennifer Hermoso and kissed her on the lips during the trophy presentation after their World Cup win; head of Spain's Sports Council is seeking Rubiales' removal and says "we want this to be a 'Me Too' of Spanish soccer"

Dozens of members of Spain's World Cup-winning women's team have said they will not play any matches for the country until Luis Rubiales has been removed from his job.

Under-fire national football federation president Rubiales has refused to resign despite being widely criticised for kissing midfielder Jenni Hermoso on the lips at the medal and trophy presentation.
Hermoso said on Friday that "in no moment" did she consent to a kiss on the lips by Rubiales who claimed in an emergency meeting of the Spanish soccer federation that the kiss was consensual. 

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