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Premier League club, Nottingham Forest owe overdue payments to players as legal action looms

Premier League club, Nottingham Forest could find themselves in legal trouble as they reportedly owe millions in overdue payments to players and agents.

According to the Daily Mail, several players who departed the club during the summer should have received their season bonuses, including Premier League survival payments, by the end of July.

However, the payments have not been made. The outstanding debts include commission payments on transfers, which agents rely on for their livelihoods. 

The situation has escalated to the point where some agents are contemplating legal action against the club.

With the debts unresolved, there is a growing possibility of legal petitions being issued against Nottingham Forest. 

After securing promotion from the Championship, Nottingham Forest splashed the cash on 21 players during a frenetic summer window.

They added another nine to their squad in January, incurring a substantial bill owed to agents. 

The lack of timely payments may have contributed to the departure of six players who left on free transfers this summer.

Forest’s silence on the matter has raised eyebrows, and concerns are mounting as players currently with the club expect their bonuses at the end of August.

 The financial strain could affect the team’s performance in the upcoming season. After barely securing a 16th-place finish under manager Steve Cooper, the club’s prospects for improvement hang in the balance. 

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