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Luis Rubiales’ mother leaves hospital after three-day hunger strike over Spanish FA boss kiss scandal

Spain's FA president,  Luis Rubiales' mother has been discharged from the hospital after she became ill while on hunger strike to support him over his kissing scandal.

 Spanish media reported that Rubiales personally came to collect his mother in the early hours of Thursday morning and they slipped away through a back exit.

His mother had been admitted to the hospital following her three-day hunger strike.

 Former hairdresser,  Angeles Bejar, 72, was rushed to casualty on Wednesday night just minutes before she was due to give a press conference. 

She had spent three days holed up in the 300-year-old Divina Pastora church in Motril near Malaga in protest at what she called the "witch hunt" against her son.

He has been mired in controversy for more than 10 days after he kissed player Jenni Hermoso on the lips following their victory at the Women's World Cup in Sydney.

 Angeles had been taken to the Sant Ana hospital in Motril by ambulance and was given fluids and medication before being discharged just before midnight after six hours of checks.

Her whereabouts on Thursday morning was unclear. 

She is understood to have left hospital around 11.30pm on Wednesday and is now expected to keep a low profile while her health is monitored.

Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales kissing player Jenni Hermoso on the lips after the Spanish team beat England in the Women's World Cup final just over a week ago.

Jenni has refuted Rubiales' claims the kiss was consensual, sparking his mum's shock decision to go on hunger strike in her local church on Monday morning following his provisional FIFA suspension and a wave of condemnation over his actions from inside and outside the football world.

She had said on Tuesday she was prepared to die to seek justice as she urged Jenni to 'tell the truth' about the kiss that is set to seal the end of her son's career.

Speaking from the inside of the church on Tuesday night as she referred to the player, she said: 'I just want the truth to be told.

'She knows my son is very honest. If she tells the truth everything will be fixed.'

Referring to the World Cup kiss that has led to the so-called 'Kissgate' scandal, she added: 'It was an anecdote, as she herself said, and look how far it's gone.

'She should have a conscience and act according to it.

'My son is very worried and has asked me not to continue, to stop, but I will be here until I drop and my body can continue.'

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