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Francis Ngannou’s Purse For Tyson Fury Fight Eclipses UFC Earnings

Francis Ngannou is set to earn more money in one night against Tyson Fury, than he did in his entire UFC career.

It was confirmed on Tuesday that Ngannou and Fury will finally share the stage in 2023. Fury, one of boxing's two reigning world heavyweight champions, has been on the hunt for a new opponent since his win over Derek Chisora at Wembley Stadium back in December.

He is now set to take on Cameroonian star Ngannou, who made headlines this year after he walked away from the UFC's most lucrative contract offer ever.

According to The Mirror, his purse for the Fury fight will exceed the £6m-a-fight ($8m) deal he was offered by the UFC to extend his stay and become their 'highest-paid athlete' last year.

'The Predator' cashed in just shy of £3m ($4m) during the course of a 14-fight stint with the MMA giants.

For his last fight against Ciryl Gane, he is estimated to have earned £457,776.

'This is life-changing,' Martin told the MMA Hour. 'This is exactly what we planned and visualised so we're happy.'

When asked if the purse is more than his client earned during his entire UFC career, Martin responded that it was 'by far, by multiples.

'He would have had to fight, even by being champion, multiple times just to be in this ballpark.'

Ngannou left the UFC in January 2022 citing issues with the companies culture, and not money, as the reason he decided not to renew his deal.

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