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FIFA president Infantino leaves Women's World Cup after less than a week

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has left the Women's World Cup after less than a week - skipping four matchdays so far, Sky News has uncovered.

The early departure from the tournament - missing the last four days of matches - stands in stark contrast to the men's World Cup in Qatar where he made a virtue of attending some of all 64 matches.

Infantino himself had called for the Women's World Cup to be shown the same respect as the men's tournament when criticising broadcasters for not offering enough for television rights.

Sky News has tracked the movements of a private jet known to have been used by Infantino, showing that it left Tahiti on July 17, was in New Zealand for around eight days, before returning to Tahiti three days ago, on July 25

The distances involved in Australia and New Zealand made it impossible for him to attend every match at FIFA's biggest-ever women's showpiece.

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