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Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom 'have separated' after boxer 'was caught sexting

Amir Khan and his stunning wife Faryal Makhdoom have reportedly separated and are currently living apart after the former world champion boxer was caught sexting another woman.

The British sportsman was caught sexting bridal model Sumaira online and even asked her to send raunchy pictures. 

According to MailOnline, Khan and Faryal are separated and living apart because of the scandal.  

It is understood that the former world champion and Instagram influencer are splitting their time between their homes in Dubai and Britain while Faryal decides whether she wants to end their 10-year marriage. 

A source close to the Khan family told MailOnline: ‘Faryal is taking time to think about whether or not to walk away. She’s going through a very difficult time and choosing to focus on her children while she and Amir continue to co-parent.’

Khan has admitted he ‘regretted’ messaging a model named Sumaira, revealing he’d contacted her out of ‘boredom’ and telling The Sun newspaper that he’d go through therapy to stop him sexting other women.

 His chat with the lady started with him complimenting her tattoos, before his messages quickly turned racy, telling the model that she ‘looked good (in a) G string’, and asking her to send raunchy pictures, before then trying to meet up with her in person.

Boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom separate and living apart after he was caught s3xting a model just weeks before their 10th wedding anniversary

 Faryal had previously appeared to defend her husband, blasting Sumaira in a lengthy Instagram post after the model claimed Khan had told her his marriage was ‘a bit of a business arrangement’. 

It came after Amir celebrated his wife Faryal on her birthday yesterday.  

 Uploading a photo of them both to Instagram, the sportsman, 36, smiled sweetly next to his wife, 32, as they took part in a pottery class in the snap. 

Amir, who is currently in Dubai, captioned it: 'Happy birthday Faryal. You deserve the world and more,' with a heart emoji. 

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