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Berhalter re-appointed USA boss less than six months after contract expiry

Gregg Berhalter has been re-appointed USA head coach less than six months after his contract was allowed to expire amid an investigation into an allegation of historical domestic violence.

Berhalter, whose deal ran out after leading the USA to the last 16 of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, will now be in charge of the team for the 2026 tournament hosted in the States, Canada and Mexico.

BJ Callaghan and Anthony Hudson have been in interim charge of the USA men's team since Berhalter left his post.

Berhalter admitted in January to having kicked his wife in 1992 after he had been reported to the USMNT in December while he was in charge of the team at the World Cup.

An independent investigation found in March that there was "no legal impediment" to re-employing Berhalter.

The report concluded that Berhalter did not improperly withhold information about the domestic abuse of his wife and found "no evidence to suggest that he has engaged in similar misconduct at any other time".

USA and Borussia Dortmund forward Giovanni Reyna's mother Danielle, a former roommate and team-mate of Berhalter's wife Rosalind, brought the incident to the attention of US Soccer in December after her son was given a limited role at the World Cup.

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