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Leeds legend Giles: Trouble began with Bielsa sacking


Leeds legend Johnny Giles says they should never have sacked Marcelo Bielsa.

Giles says Leeds are struggling for not standing by Bielsa last season.

“When you look at Leeds' situation, they brought an awful lot on themselves", Giles told the Off The Ball podcast.

“I mean, like with Bielsa, would they be in any worse situation than they are now? Now this is the third manager since Bielsa went, but they never backed Bielsa at all.

“Bielsa did not just perform; he performed miracles for them and they got rid of him. The three big guys, unless this guy does a miracle and saves them, you know, the two managers they got, Jesse Marsch and this other guy [Javi Gracia], came in. They could not be worse off if they kept Bielsa. It was a bad move."

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