EPL: What will happen if Man City is guilty of breaking FFP rules – Gary Neville

 Former Manchester United captain, Gary Neville has called on Manchester City to prove that they are not guilty of breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Neville said the damage could be “long lasting” and their legacy “tainted”.

City were crowned Premier League champions for the fifth time in six years on Sunday.

However, in February, the Etihad side were charged for allegedly breaching the Premier League’s financial rules 115 times over the last 14 seasons.

City have insisted they have irrefutable evidence to dispute the alleged rule breaches.

But Neville said: “I don’t like the rules, I’ve got some sympathy with City on that point but if the rules are in place you have to abide by them.

“There’s no doubt for City, their owners and their executives that if some of the more serious charges of the 115 are proven, the damage would be long lasting and it would be tainted.”