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Achraf Hakimi: Finally Abouk finds something to take from PSG star


PSG star Achraf Hakimi is set to lose his luxury car worth €300,000 to ex-wife Hiba Abouk.

The Moroccan defender drives a Mercedes Benz AMG G36 that Abouk will now take over, according to Car magazine Tork.

Hakimi and Abouk recently went through a divorce. Abouk, an actress by trade, claimed half of the football star’s fortune.

However, she won’t be receiving any, simply because none of the assets has the name of the PSG superstar in it.

The player was said to have played a fast past, registering all of his properties in his mother’s name.

That being the case, Abouk will now take the Morocco international’s eight-seater SUV vehicle.

Hakimi started dating Abouk in 2018 when he was at Real Madrid before going through a divorce earlier this year.

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