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France coach Deschamps tells Real Madrid striker Benzema: This issue is closed


France coach Didier Deschamps says his problems with Karim Benzema are over.

The Real Madrid striker has hit out at Deschamps amid claims around his release from the World Cup squad in December.

The Les Bleus coach said today, "I don't use social networks. I had the opportunity to express myself recently to say what had happened. For me it is an issue that is closed and settled. I have nothing to comment on.

"Afterwards, you are all free to have a debate. We know the disturbances these things produce. You will not have any more words on Benzema beyond what I have answered today. I took the floor to say what had happened and it is now something of the past."

Deschamps was also asked about Benzema's Real Madrid teammate Eduardo Camavinga.

“I put Eduardo there because in this national team break I consider him a left back. Obviously, like other players, he has an interesting versatility, but in this break he leads me to have more guarantees in this position. He will not be surprised, I have already had conversations with him before and lately we talked about the use of him in the French team in this demarcation."

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