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FIFA moves to scrap Visit Saudi as Women's World Cup sponsor

FIFA is looking at no longer having Visit Saudi as a Women's World Cup sponsor after a backlash by hosts Australia and New Zealand, Sky News has learned.

Players also urged FIFA to not allow its tournament to have sponsorship from a country which criminalises same-sex relations and where women are yet to gain full equal rights

FIFA has deepened its ties with Saudi Arabia in recent years and the tourism agency had a prominent position on sponsor backdrops at the men's 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the Club World Cup in Morocco last month.

But the football federations of Australia and New Zealand complained more than a month ago to FIFA, saying they were not comfortable with Visit Saudi as a sponsor over rights concerns and the lack of consultation.

Sky News has learned FIFA has told Australia and New Zealand it is open to finding a solution to the dispute ahead of the tournament opening in July.

That solution could now mean Visit Saudi no longer has the prominent sponsorship it has enjoyed at the recent men's events.

FIFA has never publicly announced plans for Visit Saudi backing of the Women's World Cup but the tournament hosts expressed shock to discover through reports about the potential sponsorship

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