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Espanyol striker Joselu on Real Madrid attacker Vinicius Jr: Things can happen hotly

 Espanyol striker Joselu feels Real Madrid attacker Vinicius Jr can push envelope during games.

The pair will share the pitch this weekend.

Joselu said of the Brazilian: "Everyone at home has to reconsider. On the field, nothing is solved by insulting anyone. Within the field, due to my game profile I take a lot of blows, I go into contact a lot. All kinds of attitudes can be admitted up to being disrespectful.

"Everything is being exaggerated a lot, some things are being hyped. Inside the field you see us from the outside, they are things that happen hotly. We have to think that what happens at 150,000 revolutions stays there.

"You defend yours to the death, the other his to the death and we are like in a war. I am not going to allow the rival to pass me over, in the end you do everything possible. There are players who have hotter blood and others, they wear it better. You have to look a little for what can give you an advantage, always without disrespect.

"In this world there has to be everything, unfortunately, as my mother says."

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