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Chelsea fullback Chilwell reveals crucial understanding with James and Cucurella


Chelsea fullback Ben Chilwell has revealed how he's getting closer to Marc Cucurella.

The left-back has been on top of his game lately and is loving the understanding he has developed on and off the pitch, particularly with Reece James and Cucurella.

"Me and Reece know each other's playing styles quite well," Chilwell tells Chelsea's match programme.

"Obviously, we did it for the Champions League run when we won it, for quite a big part of the Premier League in the past two seasons, and we both know the areas we're going to get into. If I cross the ball, I know where he's going to be; if he crosses the ball, he knows where I'm going to be.

"Me and Cucu get on so well off the pitch, so it wasn't that difficult for us to then go and play together on the pitch.

"There's a little group of us that play Mario Kart on away trips, on our Nintendos, and me and Cucu are in that little group, so we have a good connection. When we then went onto the pitch and played next to each other, we were talking to each other throughout the whole game, giving each other instructions on what we both wanted from each other, and it ended up working really well."

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