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Carragher laughs off wind-up from Man Utd hero Ferdinand

 Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher appears to have accepted Rio Ferdinand's explanation about a recent comment he made.

Ferdinand appeared to label Liverpool as having a “small club mentality," which appeared to upset Carragher.

Ferdinand was critical of how Liverpool celebrated their 7-0 win over Manchester United, only to lose to Bournemouth a week later.

"Liverpool fans talk to me please now. My mates on the Whatsapp groups, all Liverpool fans. Up the Cherries, liberties, seriously. That is a small club mentality isn't it, that screams small club," he told Vibe with Five.

"Screaming and celebrating when they beat Man United the way they did and they battered us, hands up. The way Souness and Carragher were celebrating, they way they were trying to antagonise the guys.

"Then their team goes and does that at the weekend, should be ashamed of themselves. Liverpool ain't finishing in the Champions League I don't think. They're going to get slapped (by Real Madrid ), they're going to get hurt."

He eventually stated: "Liverpool fans stop tweeting me with anger… it was tongue in cheek ffs! Altho @Carra23 was antagonising Nev & Keano."

Carragher responded to the final tweet with 100 emoji and two laughing faces.

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