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Liverpool hero Aldridge: If FSG can't back Klopp then they must sell


Liverpool hero John Aldridge has called for owners FSG to sell up if they're unwilling to back manager Jurgen Klopp in the transfer market.

Aldridge wrote for the Liverpool Echo: "I've been saying before that the midfield needs sorting out. And it's easy to say now, but the club should have signed a new midfielder.

"Of the players in midfield that the club could have signed, Jurgen doesn't think that they're good enough, or maybe he does. If they're available, you don't go and sign Arthur Melo on loan, with all due respect to him.

"It's Liverpool Football Club, and if the owners, who have been good owners, can't afford to buy the big players that are needed, then they need to sell the club as soon as possible.

"Get the best deal that they can for themselves and let us move on. They've just got to get the best deal for themselves.

"There's nothing they can do about the transfer window now, but down the line at the end of the season, if they can't afford to sign a £100m player, they might not come to the club now. Liverpool won't be in the Champions League, so they're in a dilemma.

"If the club is not in Europe, then it's going to be really tough to get the best players to come to the club. But that's it in a nutshell, and where Liverpool are at the moment.

"Let's hope that Jurgen stays at the reins and is given the tools that he needs."

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