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Guardiola reveals Gerrard apology | 'I am ashamed of myself'

Pep Guardiola has revealed he apologised to Steven Gerrard for his comments over the Liverpool legend's slip in 2014 which helped Manchester City win the Premier League title.

Guardiola took a shot at Gerrard's mistake last week asking "was that our fault?" while responding to the club's charges.

However, the Man City boss has now publicly apologised to Gerrard having also done so in private.

"I apologise to Steven Gerrard for my unnecessary and stupid comments I said last time about him," he said.

"He knows how I admire him and his career, what he has done for this country where I'm living and training. I am ashamed of myself for what I said because he doesn't deserve it. I truly believe in my comments in my previous press conference to defend my club but I didn't represent my club well putting his name in these stupid comments.

"I apologised to him personally but I have to do it here as well."

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