Cody Gakpo details choosing Liverpool over Man Utd: Ruud knew my hopes


Cody Gakpo has sought to clarify choosing to join Liverpool over Manchester United.

Gakpo has admitted he spoke to PSV Eindhoven coach Ruud van Nistelrooy about a transfer to United before completing his move to Liverpool in January.

“To be honest, I spoke to him a lot about United in the summer when the transfer looked like it may be coming," Gakpo said. “But in the winter, not really. It was Ruud's wish that I went to a big club - and I think I have achieved that with Liverpool.

“There was a lot of speculation in the summer. It was the first window where it was possible to move and so, yes, it affected me a little bit.

“But then there was one moment when I just said, 'forget about it, play your best game, and maybe it will happen next summer or in the winter'. That's what I tried to do and it went well."

While the Reds' own interest pre-dated the World Cup, the striker, who scored three goals in Qatar, wasn't made aware of contact until after the Netherlands' involvement in the tournament had concluded.

And while the switch then happened relatively quickly, Gakpo, who is a devout Christian, insisted it wait until after Christmas Day.

“I heard about Liverpool's interest - and I think five days later the deal was done," he said. “My manager and brother knew about it for a longer time, but I said to them at the World Cup not to tell me anything because I have to focus.

“As soon as I heard about the interest, the feeling was, 'come on, let's go'. You have a second Christmas Day? Boxing Day, right? I was with the family - including nieces and aunties - and I was getting calls all the time about Liverpool.

“But on Christmas Day, I was not on my phone. That is a very important day so the phone was away. It was the very next day that it happened."