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LaLiga president Tebas warns Pique over Andorra hopes; takes swipe at Prem spending


LaLiga president Javier Tebas says Gerard Pique cannot turn out for Andorra this season.

The Barcelona great retired in November, though has considered a return with Segunda Division Andorra - the club which he owns.

However, Tebas says financial limits related to his salary with Barca means it is impossible for Andorra to sign their owner as a player - at least for this season.

He stated: "It is impossible that Piqué can play in Andorra with the template limit that it has. This season. The next one will be seen."

On the January market in general, Tebas also said: "I don't think there will be much movement. There have been no major changes in the wage masses. There may be outputs that bring additions.

"But, at the heights we are, I don't think we have many movements. As for the Premier, I have been very critical for it being a losing league. Their incorporations are because their owners are contributing capital so that they can sign, because their accounts are going to have losses. You have to see if you can compete against leagues at loss and what is the right model. We defend a balanced model, as the Bundesliga does."

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