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Ex-Dutch stars baffled by Man Utd move for Weghorst

 Former Nottingham Forest striker Pierre van Hooijdonk has questioned Manchester United's move for Wout Weghorst.

United are in talks to takeover the Burnley striker's loan from Besiktas, with manager Erik ten Hag driving the deal.

But Van Hooijdonk said, "I think it is quite a dangerous move by Ten Hag.

"A Dutchman, who also played in England with Burnley and has not played the roof tiles there. Then you immediately have a stamp on your forehead. I don't see the battering ram in him, the playing point through the air.

"That they are going to say: we are going to play everything diagonally through the air to Wout, I don't really believe in that."

Fellow former Holland international Ibrahim Afellay also said: "He is a player that you have to bring if you really want to force something. I think that when we talk about Manchester United you should be able to do more than just the last fifteen minutes with a high ball."

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