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Barcelona ordered to pay €8.5M to Matheus Fernandes for unfair dismissal


Barcelona must cough up a hefty damages fee to former player Matheus Fernandes.

Barcelona will have to pay €8.5m to Matheus for unfair dismissal, according to Què t,hi jugues.

The Brazilian midfielder, who was the only player on the Barça payroll who was fired during the summer of 2021, filed a lawsuit in which he claimed compensation greater than that obtained, €14.8m, but the courts did not estimate his argument of "non-material damage" caused by his dismissal.

Matheus, who was signed by Palmeiras in January 2020 for seven million euros plus three in variables, will receive according to this sentence 7.7 million euros plus €810,000 more for unfair dismissal. Of these amounts, the first corresponds to the full contract, while the second was derived from the salary reduction applied at the time and has already been paid.

Matheus, 24, now plays on loan from Palmeiras with Bragantino.

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