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West Ham chief Noble concedes losing financial battle for Rice


West Ham United sporting director Mark Noble has made a blunt admission about the future of Declan Rice.

Noble, who retired from playing last season, is now working behind the scenes for the club after 18 years of on-field service.

Given Rice has been linked with a move to a Champions League club during the World Cup, Noble admits the Hammers have a challenge in holding onto the midfielder.

"Whether you think things will get dicey at West Ham – and I don't believe they will – we just can't cope financially with the top teams," Noble told the Guardian.

"We can try our hardest to recruit the best players that the top five or six don't buy – and we might get lucky with a few that slip through the net – but you can't compete with these teams.

"They're financially too powerful. If a top club wants Declan Rice they're just going to pay for him, full stop. You've seen it with Jack Grealish, with the best players. If the top boys want them, we ain't got a chance."

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