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Modric lashes out at referee who officiated match between Croatia and Argentina, says he's a disaster

Captain of Croatian national team, Luka Modric, has lashed out at the referee who officiated their semi-final match against Argentina which ended 3-0 in favour of the South American team.  

Speaking to reporters after the match, Modric said the Italian referee, Daniele Orsato was a "disaster" as he shouldn't have awarded the penalty which Lionel Messi coverted to give Argentina its first goal of the match. 

He said; 

"Argentina was a fair winner of the match, they were better, they deserved to win, but these things have to be mentioned, I generally don't do them, but today they have to be done.

''I don't like to talk about referees , but this is one of the worst. I don't have a good memory of [Orsato], he's a disaster. For me it wasn't a penalty.

''Despite this, I don't want to detract from Argentina. The penalty killed us. We have to recover for third place and win that match.''

Modric also wished Messi good luck in the final game of the tournament which would be played this weekend.  

He added;  

''Congratulations and I wish good luck in the final to Messi. He is having an amazing tournament and he’s showing his greatness and quality."

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