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EPL: I need to unlock your brain – Arteta threatens to axe Arsenal star who forgets position


Arsenal boss, Mikel Arteta says he threatened to axe Granit Xhaka from his squad if the Swiss refused to adapt to his position.

Xhaka is one of the shining lights for the Gunners as they chase the Premier League title this season.

The midfielder has improved significantly in attacking areas this season, scoring three goals and making three assists already.

Arteta claims he threatened to ‘unlock’ Xhaka’s brain in order for Arsenal to improve.

The Spaniard was asked about the midfielder’s change to a more advanced midfield position this season and the former Manchester City assistant boss told Sky Sports: “I think it was a necessity.

“I spoke to him at the end of the season and said, ‘I need to unlock something in your brain because you’re so comfortable and confident playing in this area that you have forgot what is actually going to win us the game and the team now demands somebody here, so unless you unlock that, I’m going to have to do something about it’.

“He took it straight away…”

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