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Bernardeschi 'sorry'for ex-Juventus teammate Ronaldo


Federico Bernardeschi is sorry seeing former Juventus teammate Cristiano Ronaldo struggling.

The Portuguese great is a free agent after being released from his contrac at Manchester United.

Bernardeschi, now of Toronto FC, said: "I'm sorry for Cristiano, he is one of the three strongest players in history, for what he has shown, that he has been, he would have deserved a different career ending.

"I am sorry above all on a human level, for the man he is. A player of his level is right to stop when he wants but you have to be lucid and understand when the time is right. Had I been CR7's companion at Manchester United, I would have accepted his decision.

"I am a professional, whether he wants to stay on the team or not, I would continue to give everything for the shirt.

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