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Arsenal and England star Williamson reveals her mum made her wear a gumshield while playing against boys

Leah Williamson has opened up on having to wear a gumshield when playing football against boys as a child, because they would target her in games.

Earlier this year, the Arsenal defender became only the second senior English football captain to lift a major trophy (after Bobby Moore with the men in 1966). However, long before her success with the Lionesses at Euro 2022, Williamson was made to wear a gumshield in matches by her mum as boys in her local league targeted her for rough treatment.

As quoted in an interview with The Times, she said: “[The gumshield] was very uncomfortable and, in my opinion, very unnecessary.

"Nobody should bat an eyelid that there’s a girl on the pitch. That’s the thing that’s changed and that’s where if it becomes a social norm, then most of those problems fade into the background.”

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