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Winterburn exclusive: Gabriel Jesus and Martinelli leading Brazil World Cup attack can only be good for Arsenal

 Arsenal hero Nigel Winterburn says seeing Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus potentially leading Brazil's attack at the World Cup can only be good for the club.

With both strikers in-form and selected by Tite for his Qatar squad, there's a very real chance of Arsenal boasting Brazil's first-choice strike-pairing at World Cup 2022.

Speaking to on behalf of FreeSuperTips, Winterburn considered the prospect, stating: "It means they would play more games, but I don't know how it would affect them.

"You would imagine that if you've got players who are in whichever squad wins the World Cup, then it would be on a massive high. So, you would expect it to be a bonus going forward throughout the rest of the season.

"It's difficult to judge because we're in a situation that we've never been in before and we're in the middle of an extended break.

"It could be the opposite as well, what would happen if those players got to a World Cup final and lost? We just don't know what affect games have on individual players at this time of a season in a World Cup because it's never happened before.

"I think there will be a lot of people watching and analysing stats when the players come back, particularly those players who get to the semi-finals and the finals.

"I would suggest it would be the players who lose that final who we should be slightly more worried about, but the ones who win it will be full of joy I would imagine.

"Let's see and let's hope England are there before we make our judgements."

With Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus in Brazil's squad and Ben White and Bukayo Saka with England, there's a big chance of Arsenal boasting World Cup winners in the New Year.

Asked about the return of Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit after they returned to Arsenal as 1998 World Cup winners with France, Winterburn said: "I can't actually think back to whether there was a major difference in those two, so the answer would be probably not.

"I mean the only thing you did know is that they were World Cup winners, but I already knew they were fabulous players.

"So, it didn't change the way they were, but they've just got World Cup winner on their CV now.

"I would imagine it's a pretty major achievement to have alongside your name and a very exciting one.

"I would have loved it if it happened to me or one of the England squads that my teammates had been in, but unfortunately it didn't.

"I can't say that I recognised any real difference or if it made a difference to our performances. You're just talking about a couple of players, but when you're in a team of XI there are so many variables that can go on within the game.

"They never had to mention it because you could see a big massive smile on their face which told you everything.

"I just can't picture whether there was any real difference in the way they performed or acted, so to me it tells me straight away that they weren't. They were just professional, got back to their job at Arsenal and were as good as they've always been.

"It didn't really matter to me because it was France who won and not England, so I wasn't really bothered!"

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