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Sacchi declares Spalletti's Napoli in traditions of 'Michel's Ajax, Guardiola's Barcelona and my invincible Milan'


Former AC Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi has again sung the praises of Luciano Spalletti's Napoli.

Sacchi admits he enjoys watching the Serie A leaders play.

"This Napoli side is spectacular, they are a step away from legend, following the top teams of the past such as Michel's Ajax, Guardiola's Barcelona and my invincible Milan," Sacchi told Il Mattino.

“They have style, pride, sense of belonging and a coach who has put his ideas at the core of the project. In a country where we only look for profit, Spalletti gambles on merit and strategy.

"It's a lesson for everyone, ideas are worth more than money.

“What De Laurentiis did this summer is extraordinary, he signed players who were almost unknown and included them in a project with a vision, which is something many clubs lack."

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