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Qatar 2022: Players should expect racial abuse – Rio Ferdinand

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has forewarned that England players will be racially abused during the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

He said that racial abuses will still happen despite attempts to eradicate and reduce racism.

Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho were among England stars who suffered racial abuses on social media during the Euro 2020.

“I honestly think it probably will happen again [players will be overtly racially abused],” Ferdinand said ahead of the World Cup in Qatar.

“It’s unfair. And I don’t think it’s just English players [who will be overtly abused]. I think it’s players of colour from all over the world who will be thinking this.

Ferdinand said it was disheartening for players to be walking onto the pitch thinking about what would happen to them if they happen to make a mistake in the process of representing their nations.

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