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Neymar confident of 'very special' World Cup with Brazil

Neymar has said he is confident of a ''very special'' World Cup with Brazil while snubbing England from his list of tournament favourites.

Speaking ahead of the Selecao's World Cup campaign in Qatar, Neymar has talked up their chances of a sixth global crown. The 30-year-old has also discussed who he thinks will be Brazil's main rivals, and his list does not include 2020 finalists England.

''The ones I played in are special for me, one of them because Brazil hosted and the other one because it was my second World Cup. And I believe this one will also be very special,'' Neymar said in an interview with The Guardian. ''The World Cup is full of surprises. You get teams that unexpectedly get very far even in the competition even if many don’t believe in them. But I believe the favourites are Argentina, Germany, Spain and France. I think those four along with Brazil are fully capable of reaching the final.''

Pressed on England's chances of competing for the trophy, Neymar replied: ''I really forgot about England but obviously they have a chance!''

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