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Liverpool captain Henderson: People have wanted me out of here from day one


Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson says he's long accepted he won't win over 100 per cent of the Reds support.

Henderson has learned to handle people doubting him at Anfield.

He told the Daily Mail: "It's been like that my whole career.

"People have probably wanted me to leave from the day I arrived here. Really. So it's not going to change until I do leave. It's part and parcel of the game. Everyone's got different opinions about football. Some opinions you hear seem quite extreme and you think 'Bloody hell'.

"There is no point even getting involved in all of that. Do what you do. Focus on your job. Focus on trying to be the best you can be, focus on trying to help the team as much as possible, to be successful and win games.

"I have always had doubters. I have got to the point where I prefer to have it than not. There would be something wrong if I didn't have that."

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