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John Barnes exclusive: FSG as important in Liverpool rebuild as Klopp


Liverpool great John Barnes says owners FSG deserve as much credit as manager Jurgen Klopp for rebuilding the club.

It broke last week that FSG had invited offers for Liverpool, though the American investment have yet to officially confirm the story.

For Barnes, he believes the Reds support should be grateful to FSG for the investment they've ploughed in and also how they've managed the club.

Speaking to on behalf of Bet365, Barnes said: "There's a lot of speculation as to what's what. Whether it's for sale, whether they're looking for investment or partners, so it would be silly for me to comment on speculation.

"But of course they have been fantastic owners. If you look at what they actually did when they came in, what Liverpool have achieved - as much as Jurgen Klopp is the one who's actually done it - they've supported him every inch of the way. And his philosophy in terms of the template of what he wanted the football club to be and the players he likes, they have supported him every step of the way.

"I don't know whether it's for sale, I don't if they want investment - because of course that's what came out in the paper yesterday. I'm actually an ambassador for Liverpool so I'm sure I'll find out more in the next few days. But there's talk that maybe they're looking for partners. As to whether it's for sale, who really knows. But as to whether they've been good owners of the club, they've been absolutely fantastic. Because they've supported Jurgen in everything he's wanted to do, strategically on the playing side, on the new training ground side where Jurgen has had a big impact, whatever he's wanted they've given him."

Barnes is hopeful of FSG remaining involved with a fresh cash injection coming from an outside investor. Such a move would boost the transfer spending power for Klopp.

He continued: "Since Jurgen has been there they've supported him in every way. And if they feel that for whatever reason they can't take Liverpool where they want to go, I don't think it's that. It's a financial situation, I don't know. I don't understand, and once again I don't like to comment on speculation because at this moment in time, this came out yesterday, and as it says 'by our reports', so that may be wrong.

"A report also says they are looking for investment without selling the club, so what is the situation? What we do know is that they have Liverpool Football Club at heart, as to whether they're looking for investment to help them to spend, to help Jurgen to spend, or whether it's for sale, we don't know. But I know they've been fantastic owners and they will have Liverpool at heart. So it's very early days in terms of whether it's actually true or not that it's up for sale, so I'd rather not comment on speculation."

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