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Eranio convinced AC Milan fed-up with Leao and will sell


Former AC Milan star Stefano Eranio believes they plan to sell Rafael Leao.

The Italian reckons Milan management are fed-up with the way new contract talks have dragged on.

"The player has an advantage in the negotiation and if the club doesn't give him the money he's asking for, he'll leave. I think Milan are upset with this situation and I think they're already working on a replacement. They should sell him for a price, a fair one, so that later they can buy another quality striker," he said in an interview with the "Pianeta Milan" portal.

"Rafael Leão's departure is a shame, because he is a key player.

"The problem now is that the Bosman Law allows players to demand a little more and, if all requests are satisfied, problems can arise in the locker room. If a player wants eight million, others can ask for approximate numbers later."

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