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Crystal Palace ace Zaha explains plans for Ivory Coast's Espoir Club D'Abengourou


Crystal Palace ace Wilfried Zaha has explained his plans after buying Ivory Coast's Espoir Club D'Abengourou with his brother.

The plan for Espoir Club D'Abengourou, based in the capital Yamoussoukro, is to offer opportunities for young players.

"Going back to my country just opened up my eyes to a lot of things to be thankful for," Zaha told Forbes.

“I just wanted to invest back in my country. I was thinking of different possibilities to help and when my brother came to me with the football club opportunity, it just made me think: 'Imagine all the aspiring kids that are watching me that want that same opportunity.'

“So if you do well you get an opportunity to thrive and you can end up playing for my club. There are so many people who want to play and there's just not many opportunities.

“I just thought: 'The love I'm getting, let me see if I can give it back somehow.'"

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