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Spurs legend Hoddle slams VAR after Kane winner denied


Former England and Tottenham coach Glenn Hoddle was furious at VAR after Spurs were denied a late goal against Sporting CP.

The London outfit had to settle for a 1-1 draw at home against the Portuguese side in the Champions League group stages on Wednesday

However, Harry Kane felt that he had scored in the latter stages of the game, only for VAR to rule out the goal.

“I've thought about this for a long time," Hoddle said of the incident on BT Sport.

“People in the stadium, they're not going to come to the stadium anymore.

“As a player you want to celebrate a goal and as fans you want to celebrate a goal. Now, nowadays they're are going to be goals going in and players will be going, we can't celebrate here. Til we wait.

“It's taking everything we like about football away from the game."

Fellow ex-Tottenham man Pedro Mendes, who also played for Sporting, added: “I think a game like this, it's frustration.

“In a game like this, I can speak generally, such a lot of things in the game and the effort of the team in 90 minutes and you score like this and it is disallowed, it is frustration.

“With a committee, maybe, they should look at this if it is so tight, I don't know. Something needs to protect the game and needs to protect those who try to win the game."

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