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Ex-Liverpool defender Carragher slams Aston Villa fans for barracking Gerrard

 Former Liverpool player turned pundit Jamie Carragher has accused Aston Villa supporters of abusing Steven Gerrard.

The ex-Villa boss, who was sacked recently, was a long-time teammate of Carragher's at Liverpool.

The two won several major trophies together, including the Champions League.

Carragher has now leapt to his friend's defense, saying that chants calling for him to “get out of our club" were a step too far from Villa fans.

“I think it was the right decision," Carragher told Monday Night Football.

“Mainly on the back of the second half at Fulham. There was the sending off and it all started to go wrong and it was no longer just a 1-0 defeat but it ended up being two then three.

“And with the reaction of the crowd I think there was no way Stevie could've gone into the game on Sunday on the back of those chants and the discontent from Villa supporters

“I'm not saying this because he's a friend and I think that supporters who pay money and go away midweek - 100 per cent they're allowed to voice their concerns and it hasn't been going well.

“They've felt it's been a little bit dull and not exciting enough. I just felt that some of the chants at the end, and maybe because he's my mate, I think they crossed the line a little bit."

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